Ed has always been an advocate for clean roadways and respect for our environment and beautiful neighborhoods. He is part of the Pennsylvania Adopt A Highway Volunteers that twice a year go out along the roadsides and pick up what motorists toss out of their cars instead of taking home and putting in their trash.

How did Ed get involved is such a rather messy, unrewarding but much needed charitable job?

Many people volunteer on their own, but in Ed’s case he was approached by a friend of his from a group he belongs to, The Friends of South Park. The Friends Group are the main sponsors of the stretch of Stolz Road in Bethel Park, there was a need for a person to be physically in charge. At the time the chairperson, Dave Buchewicz asked member Peg Bittner to head the clean-up which she readily agreed to. When it came to the first scheduled clean up, she ordered the necessary supplies and then asked for volunteers. She had asked Ed for his assistance since he lived just off of Stolz Road and was a big man who could easily handle the heavy bags and items. Besides they were group friends. Ed readily agreed and after the first time they along with others cleaned up the entire stretch, Ed told Peg he will be happy to help out every time there was a Adopt a Highway Day. After doing it for a few years, Ed now keeps a look out for extra large amounts of litter during the year and cleans it up. He is not about to let it sit there between the official clean up days. We all wish that people would just keep their trash until they get home. Ed Eichenlaub takes pride in where he lives and really cares where everyone travels and lives. He is concerned about our safety and health.