Ed Eichenlaub for Pennsylvania’s 40th Legislative District representing Bethel Park, Upper St. Clair and Peters 

Ed Eichenlaub:

After careful consideration, Ed Eichenlaub is proud to announce his candidacy for the 40th Legislative District of Pennsylvania for State Representative.

A former timekeeper in three different US Steel Mills, Ed saw first-hand the devastation caused by the demise of the steel industry in western Pennsylvania. As a health inspector in Allegheny County, he saw the burden that poorly designed regulation and excessive taxes place on small businesses. And as a Cub Master in the Boy Scouts of America, he knows the importance of investing in our children.

“Our leaders in Harrisburg continue to put politics before people when they let industries die, overburden businesses, and refuse to do the job they were elected to do,” Ed said. “Our community must fight against wasteful regulation, burdensome property taxes that affect our senior citizens especially hard, and career politicians who are just in it for the re-election.”

“We must work to fully fund our schools, and fund them on time,” Ed said of the continued budget problems in Pennsylvania, “our legislators continue to show they’re only in Harrisburg for their own careers. We must fund our schools for our children, we must reduce property tax burdens on our seniors, and we must protect all against the raging opioid epidemic”

Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, Ed knows his life experiences make him the best qualified to work for the people of the 40th Legislative District of Pennsylvania.